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Rockdoor and Rehau – A Perfect Fit

Posted by Lea · October 16th 2020

Rockdoor, the UK’s strongest and most secure composite door, now features an improved Rehau chamfered outer frame as standard to ensure ‘A Perfect Fit’

By introducing a new chamfered composite door outer frame, homeowners that choose Rockdoor will enjoy improved aesthetics together with increased overall strength and performance.

Chamfered outerframes better complement the range of door styles offered by Rockdoor. This is thanks to a smoother and slicker finishing detail between the frame edge and the door sash. Chamfered composite door frames also suit coloured profiles better, which when considering how popular coloured doors are currently, it’s clear to see why this will be well received by conscientious homeowners looking to add kerb appeal to their property. 

Whilst style is naturally important when choosing front doors or back doors, strength and security are also major factors too – especially for Rockdoors.

Rockdoor’s new chamfered Rehau outerframe features thicker walls and hidden steel reinforcement to increase Rockdoor’s overall strength. Thicker frame walls and steel reinforcing allow for better screw retention for lock mechanisms and hinges, meaning trying to forcibly open a Rockdoor is virtually impossible for would be burglars.

In addition to better aesthetics and increased door security, the new frame also allows Rockdoor to upgrade the door seal between the frame and sash. The door seal is only a small part of the door overall, but it plays a big part in the door’s overall performance.

Our new Q-Lon weather seal gasket delivers a better thermal performance by providing a better seal, whilst also delivering improved acoustic levels if your front door or back door face a main road where noise levels are increased.

The improvements introduced are just the latest in a long line of technical improvements from Rockdoor in recent years. Further work is ongoing by our in-house R&D team to ensure this trend continues in years to come.

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