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Opening and Closing a Front Door

Posted by Lea · March 11th 2011

Have you ever listened closely to the sound that your car door makes when it’s being closed?

If the answer is yes, then you’re not alone. In fact, car manufacturers place a great deal of emphasis on this factor, as it is often a key consideration in the decision-making process when buying a car for many people. Many car manufacturers even go to the extent of manufacturing the sound to give a quality feel to their product. If you get into a car and close the door behind you and its a tiny hollow sound then you automatically assume lower quality.

If on the other hand you close the door and it’s a solid, heavy and provides a nice click then you automatically assume top quality. The process described above was the same for Rockdoor, manufacturers of composite doors, including front doors, back doors, stable doors and french doors.

When designing Rockdoor back in 1996, one of the main design considerations was the sound the door gave to the homeowner when being opened and closed.

It had to provide a feeling of quality through the sound it made when opening or closing the door, so you know it’s closed properly and securely behind you. A front door can be opened and closed, sometimes slammed, up to 10 times a day, so it’s important that composite door manufacturers place great emphasis on this.

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