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Rockdoor chosen for Crime Prevention Series

Posted by Lea · April 22nd 2013

As the UKs leading composite door manufacturer renowned for strength and security, Rockdoor was recently asked to help an elderly couple who sadly became the victims of a burglary whilst they were away on holiday. Their story was featured on the new BBC1 daytime programme called ‘Crime Scene Investigates’ in which Rav Wilding (a former Crime Presenter and Police Officer) and his team undertake the ultimate support for victims of burglaries, working to secure their homes, give them a security make-over and try to put the heart back in their homes.

The elderly couple from West Yorkshire had their old timber front door completely removed and replaced with a high security made to measure Rockdoor. Their new Rockdoor composite door features industry leading levels of security as standard including multi point hook locks, carbon fibre reinforced frame, 50mm thick door sash and cylinder guard protectors. Never again will they need to worry about the fear of a burglar gaining access through their front door.

Other crime prevention work carried out at the property to improve the couples security included new uPVC windows featuring laminated glass, new exterior lighting and the planting of prickly bushes to deter would be criminals. Whilst burglary is distressing enough, often the fear of crime is just as stressful for some families. As a result of the show several homeowners have chosen to secure their homes with a Rockdoor composite door.

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