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One of the best ways to test the strength and security of a Rockdoor is to simply open and close one, but we realise this isn’t always possible. So, the next best option is to view a Rockdoor composite door corner sample, which is available through many of our installers across the UK. The corner sample demonstrates why Rockdoor is regarded by many as the best composite door available on the market, gracing many front doors and back doors – and is “often asked for by name” by thousands of homeowners. Rockdoor’s corner sample highlights the exceptionally high level of detail and millimetre precision that is standard in each and every Rockdoor leaving our state of the art ‘composite door’ production line. The cross-section clearly shows the aluminium reinforcing that is present in both the inner and outer frame, as well as the polypropylene block for extra reinforcement in which the fixing points are secured. The cross-section also demonstrates the bespoke Q-lon gasket, brush pile, 3mm thick PVC-U woodgrain embossed skin and insulating high-density foam core which provide the doors thermal efficiency. If you get the opportunity to see a Rockdoor corner sample, we recommend you pick it up to feel the weight of the corner sample itself – you’ll be impressed. This will give you a taste of just how solid and secure the overall Rockdoor composite door will be - giving you total peace of mind.