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Rockdoor Switch Latch

Posted by Lea · June 6th 2018

We are pleased to introduce our new composite door lock mechanism called Switch Latch. The Rockdoor Switch Latch combines all the functionality of a traditional roller latch (commonly used on stable doors, doors with bar handles and doors with night latches), with the functionality of a split spindle or a night latch which secures the door via the latch when required.

Our contemporary Rockdoors such as the Vogue, Vermont and Indiana often feature a roller latch as it works hand in hand with our ultra-popular bar handle, one of our most popular and stylish front door options. But we don’t just supply front doors here at Rockdoor, we also manufacture uPVC back doors, French doors and stable doors, all in a range of different door designs and door colours – something to suit every home.

The Switch Latch gives homeowners the freedom to open and close the door freely, in the same way, a roller latch permits, but also by simply changing the settings the door can be secured in place via the latch (like a night latch).

This feature is perfect when you’re performing daily household tasks, such as unloading the shopping from the car or taking out the bins.

The door will open and close freely without the need for keys, when the switch is in the down position. But of course, you also have the security of knowing your door is secure, protecting you and your family when the switch is up.

To kick start the process of protecting your home, why not use our Rockdoor trusted installer directory, to find the perfect door installer for you. Make sure to design your dream door so the installer can give you a quick and easy quote for the door style and colour you are looking for.

The switch latch will be installed as standard on all doors that previously featured a roller latch from the 1st July onwards.

It’s important to note, to ensure the door is fully secured, the hook locks will still have to be engaged via the key or thumb turn.

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