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Security and Style with the Heritage Plus Lock

Posted by Regan · October 6th 2023

Add Style to Your Home Entrance

Here at Rockdoor, we are all about providing homeowners with nothing but the best in composite door security and style.

Our reliable choice of locking options are designed not only to help keep you and your family safe from intruders but they are also designed to look fantastic on your home as well.

That’s why we introduced the Heritage Plus lock earlier this year – a sophisticated yet easy to use instant locking mechanism that utilises hooks at the top and bottom whilst retaining a central gearbox, making this different to most instant locks.

The finger pull and key cylinder are placed at shoulder height on the door, giving an authentic, classical door look but makes use of modern security touches running the entire length of the door and the high standards you would expect from a Rockdoor.

This can be used on a wide variety of our door styles, ranging from our more traditional door designs such as the Newark and the English Cottage, all the way through to our contemporary range of door designs such as the Manhattan and the Vermont.

Only the best door lock security

When we began in 1996, our goal was to create the most secure, thermally efficient composite door available to homeowners around the UK. So, it will come as no surprise that nearly 30 years later we are still looking at ways we can stay ahead of the competition.

The Heritage Plus lock is a great example of how security has evolved over time, with more homeowners feeling as though extra and additional layers of security are needed, with Rockdoor’s own evolution of security culminating in the instant locking mechanism.

Locking your door has never been easier – the mechanism of the Heritage Plus makes use of a magnetic sensor that triggers the hooks for the multi-point locking system upon the latch engaging with the keeps.

Our Heritage Plus lock also comes with a Switch Latch (left) as standard, making this the ideal locking mechanism so that you can pop in and out of your home without having to worry about locking yourself out.

Whilst the lock can be fully key operational if required, a key is only needed to gain entry to a property, as simply closing the door behind you will result in your Rockdoor being fully secure if the Switch Latch is disengaged.

Doors customised to match your home’s look and style

We don’t just offer the finger pulls in one colour, with our comprehensive range, you won’t ever be tied to just one selection as standard.

Choose your finger pull colour from Satin Steel, Midnight Black, Polished Chrome and Stainless Gold, which are all designed to suit a wide variety of properties, door styles and tastes.

For example, check out this gorgeous Agate Grey Jacobean with Misted glass and side panels which looks incredible against the brickwork arch.

Check out our extensive door gallery where you can find more inspiration and a wider selection of our secure locking systems.

Try out our door designer today

If you are interested in our Heritage Plus lock or any of our other secure methods of locking your door, then you can build your dream door using our 3D door designer.

You can choose from our range of 28 exclusive door styles, hundreds of glass designs, 14 door colours and a broad range of door furniture and locking options to suit your home.

Alternatively, if you already know what you want in mind, you can find your local installer today, who can turn your dream door into a reality.

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