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Rockdoor, the UK’s leading composite door, has launched a new range of glass designs called Simple Lite - specifically designed to allow maximum light in and keep prying eyes out! Unique to Rockdoor, Simple Lite satin glass offers homeowners the best of both worlds; cleverly transmitting almost as much natural light as clear glass, whilst obscuring the view to offer complete privacy. The sunlight entering through Simple Lite glass is diffused so it is soft - yet natural - and will permeate further into the room than standard opaques or patterned glass would permit. The innovative Simple Lite technique applies a liquid pattern to the satin glass to create subtle and stylish designs for front doors thus creating a cost-effective option to patterned opaques or etched glass. Another bonus is that in addition to offering new glass design options, Rockdoor can also replicate the patterns on side units or fan lights to create a truly stunning effect. Simple Lite is simply beautiful! There are 14 glass designs to choose from (available in either crystal or anthracite finish) to suit many of Rockdoor’s most popular styles, including the Jacobean and Windsor, but also the new and exclusive Portland and Newark. For more information on Rockdoors new collection please visit