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Statistics Scarier than Halloween

Posted by Lea · October 14th 2020

Statistics Scarier than Halloween

2020 has been a year of uncertainty, with COVID-19 hitting the headlines early on in the year and continuing to cause chaos to date. We’ve all had a year that we simply couldn’t have predicted! Whilst we’re all glued to the news bulletins to see the latest figures and statistics regarding Coronavirus, there are some other frightening statistics that have gone relatively unheard of due to the seriousness of Coronavirus taking over the headlines.

There’s a burglary every 40 seconds in the UK – (

At Rockdoor, we pride ourselves on making strong and reliable exterior doors. Whether that be a front or back door, all our composite doors are specifically designed with security in mind! Our aim is to keep you, your family and possessions safe.

Hundreds of homeowners approach Rockdoor for the specific reason that they have been victims of burglary and are aware of just how secure Rockdoors are. When asked how being burgled made them feel “vulnerable”, “traumatised”, “violated” and “anxious” were some of the most popular responses.

With a burglary happening in the UK every 40 seconds – don’t become a victim. Secure your home with an exterior composite door that is known for strength and security. Don’t get spooked this Halloween find a local Rockdoor Trusted Installer.

Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire & West Midlands…

40% of domestic burglaries and around 35% of all burglaries occur in Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire And West Midlands – Office for National Statistics.

A particularly frightening statistic if you live in Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire or the West Midlands. But it doesn’t have to be – Rockdoors can and will keep you safe.

Rockdoors are the only exterior doors that are manufactured with cutting-edge S-Glaze technology. This means the glass is encapsulated in the door itself, resulting in a composite door that cannot be broken into by removing the glass from the window cassette itself. One of the most popular ways a burglar gains entry to your home is by unclipping the glazing panel. With a Rockdoor Composite, this is impossible.

Additional security features such as extra hooks, security chains, a night latch and laminated glass can also be added to our doors contributing to absolute peace of mind.

When you choose a Rockdoor, there’s no need to compromise on style or security – you can truly have it all. Use our 3D door designer today to design your own door.

Create your own Rockdoor now and get it expertly fitted

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