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Why are Cottage Doors the Perfect Choice?

Posted by Regan · November 9th 2023

Winter is Coming

Despite the plummeting temperatures in recent weeks, our selection of Cottage doors could be the thing to really cosy up your home this Winter.

With the colder, darker nights now ahead of us, we know how important it is to feel comfortable and safe in your own home and your entrance door plays a huge part in that.

From top-of-the-range thermal efficiency properties to the best security features a composite door can make use of, our Cottage doors could make the perfect addition to your home.

Cottage doors are extremely versatile, which means they would suit a property no matter where they were positioned on your home, be they used as front doors, back doors or even side doors!

This one here is a gorgeous Agate Grey English Cottage complete with Diamond Lead as the glass design and Polished Chrome door furniture for a shiny finish.

Cosy up and turn the heating down

With our range of Cottage doors, you will be guaranteed a thermally efficient door with an energy rating of at least an A-C, which could in turn mean you don’t have to turn the heating on as often and as a result keep those energy bills down this winter.

This is thanks to a number of factors, all of our Rockdoors are filled with a highly insulating Polyurethane foam core, which thanks to its dense properties will be sure to give you a guaranteed energy-efficient door, from top to bottom and side to side, leaving no room for cold winter draughts.

What makes the Cottage door a cosier choice than a number of our competitors is that the smaller glazing panel (where typically most doors lose their heat retention) is the perfect size, which allows plentiful amounts of light into your living space and still gives you a first-class energy certification.

This classy Chartwell Green Cottage Spy View works harmoniously with the matching-coloured window frames to complete a traditional cottage look that will be as warm on the inside as it looks from the out!

Perfect for a bungalow and… Cottages

As the name might suggest, our Cottage door styles are the perfect door for homeowners who live in more traditional properties with smaller openings.

The English Cottage, Cottage Diamond and Cottage Spy View are all able to be manufactured to smaller specifications than most of our other door styles, at less than 700mm wide and 1800mm tall – perfect for small entrances, without compromising on any of the quality you would expect from a Rockdoor.

This is just one of many ways the Cottage door styles can be tailored to your home and lifestyle needs, with this gorgeous Irish Oak English Cottage acting as the perfect entrance for this homeowner, thanks to the low total height of the door.

You can view our technical manual to make sure our Cottage doors would make the perfect fit for your home with full sizing details just at the click of a manual.

Try out for yourself

Sure, we could carry on telling you about this gorgeous door style and how it would make your home complete, but you can actually view the door yourself on our 3D door designer!

If you already have an idea in mind of what Cottage door you would like, then you can find a local installer today.

In the meantime, take one final look at another one of our Agate Grey English Cottage doors, from the inside, situated beautifully as the entrance to this gorgeous, Victorian tiled floor and entrance – a sharp mixture of contemporary and traditional.

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