Who looks after your home when you’re not there?

It’s a known fact that people share their lives on social media more than ever before. Perhaps you like to post your holiday snaps online for all your friends to see?!

Unfortunately, posting pictures of you enjoying yourself is one way to tell burglars “my house is empty – help yourself”, so the question is… who looks after your house and possessions when you’re not there? The answer… your entrance doors! Which is why when choosing a new front or back door, you should consider Rockdoor, the most secure composite door on the market!

With 70% of break-ins happening through entrance doors and the vast majority of those being through a back door due to them often being out of sight and an inferior door – a scary statistic… unless you have a Rockdoor.

What makes Rockdoor so secure?

There are many things that make a Rockdoor so much more secure than the other composite front and back doors available in the UK.

S-Glaze technology ensures the glass forms part of the door itself so that it cannot be prised out of the door to gain access (a common and very quiet method that burglars use at night time).

A reinforced inner frame that is 60% stronger than a standard composite door meaning a Rockdoor cannot be rammed and forced open.

Nickel coated solid brass hook locks that slide into steel keeps and run the full length of the doors outer frame for additional strength and security acting as part of the multipoint lock system.

Diamond Secure 3 Star Cylinders are used on all our exterior doors. With a TS007 3 star rating (the highest rating available), there really is no way a burglar would be able to force, snap or drill the lock cylinder.

We offer Steel Mesh for even more security. Security mesh cannot be cut through, adding an additional layer of security, making our already strong door sash 4 times stronger.

Along with the above security features you can also choose to add extra hooks, security chains, a night latch and laminated glass, all helping to give you the total peace of mind that your family and home are safe – even when you’re not there.

Make the first steps to protecting your family today and design a Rockdoor.

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Door that Beat the Bobbies

In 2004 Rockdoor grabbed the headlines with ‘Door that Beat the Bobbies’ after police were unable to gain access through the door despite all of their best efforts including attempting to smash through the door with their battering rams – our composite doors really are the strongest doors on the UK market.

Rockdoors ethos has always been, and will always be to help keep you and your family safe, so whilst it’s great that our doors are the strongest and burglars cannot gain access we understand that on occasions the emergency services may need to gain entry, so after some enquiries by the emergency services a training course was scheduled to demonstrate which industrial-strength tools were needed.

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Made to measure, not cut to fit.

Rockdoors are made to measure, never cut to fit as this can weaken the door and compromise the unique security and strength features that we pride ourselves on at Rockdoor.

To ensure absolute strength and security each and every one of our Rockdoors is manufactured from our Lancashire innovation plant going through comprehensive quality and assurance checks ensuring each and every one of our doors meets our security certifications and accreditations including Secure by Design, a police backed initiative.

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