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Introducing Rockdoor’s Latest Door Style

Posted by Regan · July 12th 2023

The Aspen – perfect for the front and back of your home

We are delighted to introduce our brand-new, contemporary door style called the Aspen, and we just know homeowners are going to love it.

Our original idea was to create something we haven’t done before – a contemporary back door, but as you can see from the incredible design in the composite door on the left, the Aspen works just as well for both front doors and back doors.

Featuring a mid-sized glazing panel that will flood copious amounts of natural light into your hallway, kitchen or wherever the door is positioned on your home. Thanks to the design of the glass unit, the bottom of the S-Glaze generally lines up cleanly with most kitchen worktops and console tables in hallways.

Upgrade your current door to an Aspen today, whether you are looking for a new front door to become the talk of the street and impress family and friends alike, or you are looking for a new gateway into your garden space, the Aspen is incredibly multi-purpose – and looks fantastic on traditional or contemporary homes or terraced or cottages.

Another A-rated door design

Not only does our new door style complement a wide variety of property types, but it will also suit your property without compromising on the thermal efficiency of your home, no matter where the door is positioned, whether at the front, back or even the side.

With over 25 years of composite door manufacturing history under our belts, we are still the experts when it comes to crafting the dream entrance for your home, offering a comprehensive range of A-rated doors available around the UK.

Our newest Rockdoor style benefits from all the classic thermally efficient design elements that you would expect from the original composite door, ranging from a solid polyurethane foam core to our aluminium reinforced sub-frame as standard. 

The immaculate design of our new look, V-groove mouldings make sure that the design of the door falls perfectly into the S-Glaze, not only looking clean and sharp, but protecting your home from any outdoor elements that could in turn ramp up those heating bills!

Made with you in mind

We have history of keeping over half a million homeowners safe in the UK, being the manufacturers of the UK’s most secure composite door, being over 35% stronger than a typical GRP door and featuring aluminium sub-frame reinforcing, multi-point locking system, steel hooks and optional wire mesh.

In addition to all this, our brand-new, instant locking mechanism, the Heritage Plus makes a fantastic pairing with the Aspen and a finger pull escutcheon to achieve maximum conventionality with maximum security.

The Aspen is expertly crafted to not only look remarkable on your property, but as a priority with all our Rockdoors, it’s to keep you and your family safe and secure from the outside. Our manufacturing tool on the left gives you an up close view of the moulding detail that goes into making the Aspen a strong and secure Rockdoor.

You can also upgrade your Aspen to be Secured by Design accredited, the official Police-backed security initiative, should you feel that you would benefit from the added security measures on an already incredibly secure door.

View the Aspen for yourself

We don’t want you to just take our word for it, so that’s why you’ll be able to view the Aspen in our brand-new Rockdoor brochure – did we tell you that it will be available very, very soon?

As we begin to roll out the Aspen, you can truly and fully appreciate the beauty of our new door style on our 3D door designer in all its glory and with a number of 3D glass designs, colours and furniture ranges to choose from to make it your own!

Alternatively, if you already have an idea in mind of what you would like, then you can find your local installer today.

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