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Introducing Our New Brochure

Posted by Regan · July 14th 2023

Reimagined design

Say hello to the hottest new entry of the Summer, the brand-new Rockdoor brochure. We’re certain you are going to love all of the new features in our new brochure, starting with our bold, yet minimalistic front cover.

For the first time in 20 years, we’ve made the decision to rebrand our front covers to our bright, purple Rockdoor design as opposed to using a shot of one of our favourite entrance doors to truly let our Rockdoors do the talking.

The new front cover design also features an incredibly sleek multi-textured surface that complements the brochure and all of the contents inside unbelievably well.

Download the Rockdoor Brochure

New and updated perspectives

Ever wondered how your door is going to look from the inside of your home, rather than just what your neighbours will see all the time and you’ll get a glimpse of whilst coming home from work?

To give you a taste of just how our doors might look inside your property we have decided to include both internal shots as well as external shots on a number of our Rockdoors.

We’ve done this so you can truly appreciate how our stunning range of entrance doors will look in your home, instead of just the standard exterior perspectives some composite door brands provide!

Fresh products

Updating our brochure doesn’t come without all of our latest products and new releases, which in the last year alone there have been some incredible additions to the Rockdoor brand!

From our brand-new door styles such as the Aspen, just recently released, or even our industry-first door texture the Dune (Retreat and Vision) launched earlier this year.

It’s not just new doors though, there has been so much more we have had to fit in – this includes our new instant locking mechanism the Heritage Plus lock, all the way through to our high-quality premium furniture range, with much more we haven’t even mentioned!

View online today

Our brand-new Rockdoor brochure is available to view now as a digital download, however, if you are after a physical copy then all you need to do is get in touch with your local Rockdoor Trusted Installer who can provide you with one.

In the meantime, you can find a comprehensive selection of front doors, back doors and stable doors in our customer door gallery on our website.

If our new brochure has inspired you, then you can design your very own dream door in our 3D door designer, or if you already have a design in mind then you can find your local installer today.

Download the Rockdoor Brochure

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