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Keeping Your Home Secure for 25+ Years

Posted by Regan · October 5th 2022

National home security month

Here at Rockdoor, we take pride in manufacturing the most secure composite door available, and what better way to celebrate National Home Security Month than share the best way to keep your home secure – upgrading your existing entrance door to a Rockdoor!

There are several reasons as to why Rockdoor are known for being the most secure composite door brand, aside from manufacturing processes not seen anywhere else in the industry, we are also tried and tested for over 25 years, with numerous security accreditations gained in over a quarter of a century, making our Rockdoors burglar proof!

Why do we tell you this you might think? Well, the statistics below might paint a clear picture of unfortunately, how common burglaries are at in the UK*:

  • Did you know that in the UK, a burglary occurs every 106 seconds.
  • More than half of all burglaries occur when someone is at home.
  • On average, a residential burglary in the UK typically costs £3,030.
  • West Yorkshire (0.83%) and Greater Manchester (0.78%) have the highest risk of residential burglary in the UK, whilst Devon and Cornwall (0.15%) have the least risk.

Prevent forced entry with secure doors and locks

Around 70% of burglaries involve forced entry into a home through a front or back door, however here at Rockdoor, we have a number of preventative measures which would see any potential intruders fall at the first hurdle.

Our Diamond Secure 3 Star Cylinder locks are a testament to Rockdoor’s stringent security features and hold numerous accreditations, such as a TS007 3 star rating and SS312 Sold Secure Diamond Standard, making them completely burglar proof. Intruders are unable to gain access to your property through a Rockdoor as our cylinder locks are anti-snap, anti-drill and are designed to go into ‘lock down mode’ if forced entry is detected, all of this is backed by our £2,000 security guarantee.

We aren’t the most secure composite doors just for our cylinder locks alone, but our locking mechanisms also play a crucial part in keeping over 1 million households around the UK safe and secure, such as our multipoint hooking systems, deadbolts and gearboxes, which all act in unison to deny forced entry into your home.

Although composite doors typically use clip on cassettes to hold the glazing in place, intruders are easily able to pry these away for undetectable entry, by sliding the glass out of the door. Rockdoor however are the only composite door manufacturer that uses the unique S-Glaze technology, which locks the glass into your door forever and eliminates the risk of intruders using your door as an entry method.

Secure your home from burglars

Unfortunately, within the UK, only 3.1% of all burglary charges lead to a conviction, which is why people are making the switch to the ‘Original Composite Door‘, because of our unmatched security.

Whilst our standard door security features are more than enough to protect you and your family, we understand that you may want to add further security upgrades for added peace of mind, such as:

  • Extra hooks
  • Security mesh
  • Security chain
  • Night latch
  • Laminated glass

Almost all of our door styles can also achieve the Police backed Secured by Design accreditation, which implements some of the above security features such as security mesh and laminated glass, which contribute towards making the most secure composite door even more secure.

Find your local trusted installer today or visit our 3D composite door designer for more information on our range of secure doors.

*All statistics provided by the Office for National Statistics and can be viewed at

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