Rockdoor: Choose the Best, Beware of the Rest.

Posted by Lea · October 4th 2016

Rockdoor manufacture the most secure composite door available.

Our brand over the last 20 years has become synonymous with security, safety and thermal efficiency across the UK.

With success often come cheap imitations, as rogue installers dupe homeowners into thinking they are buying a genuine Rockdoor.

Increasingly we hear of sad stories from homeowners thinking they’ve invested a top-quality secure Rockdoor, only to find out that a rogue installer has sold them the ‘Rockdoor brand’ and then fitted something completely different leaving them vulnerable to break-ins.

Unfortunately as is the case here, rogue installers gamble on homeowners with untrained eyes not being able to spot the difference. But it’s clear from the picture shown that this is not a Rockdoor, but is instead a cheaper less secure GRP composite door that is vastly cheaper for a reason. No carbon fibre reinforcement, no high-security locks, no Rockdoor specified 3-star cylinders, no high-density core – the list is endless.

The only similarity is colour.

Additionally, a similar door style to what is shown below for Rockdoor easily achieves an A++ Energy Rating, whereas a similar GRP composite door (as pictured) wouldn’t come close meaning their door is less energy efficient than they thought.

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Rockdoor: Beware of Cheap Imitations

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