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Rockdoor Passes Kitemark & Build Check Audits – Again!

Posted by Lea · May 19th 2016

Rockdoor understands that customers need to know exactly what they are getting when they buy a composite door.

Whether it’s a front door, back door, French door or stable door, Rockdoor recognises the importance of being a transparent brand, hiding nothing from our customers and so we undertake regular independent tests to show you, the homeowner, just how much trust you can put in our doors. The regular independent testing also ensures we work continuously to improve our manufacturing processes and of course, our range of composite doors.

Kitemark BSI

First established in 1903 the BSI Kitemark is becoming an increasingly recognised accreditation, particularly since 2014 when home security was given some serious weight and PAS24 became the focus for all new build homes.

Kitemark BSI ensures that manufacturers such as Rockdoor produce quality composite doors consistently; testing various elements of our manufacturing process allowing us to achieve the most up to date PAS24 accreditation and meet new build requirements.

The tests carried out include a cut-through test, ensuring no one can enter your property by cutting through the door panel – and of course, Rockdoor passed with flying colours, so whether you buy a composite door from us today or in 5 years time you can rest assured that Rockdoor will boast the latest Kitemark BSI PAS24 accreditations.

Build Check – Another one passed…

Build Check is a BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) approved independent testing agency allowing them to carry out energy rating tests on a range of products including composite doors.

Throughout the testing process Build Check conducts various assessments using the latest technologies and simulators, the tests include DSER (Doorset Energy Ratings), weather testing, U-Values and water tightness ensuring the energy ratings we claim to have are in fact accurate – ensuring our customers get what they pay for.

It’s no surprise to us that our doors passed the Kitemark BSI and Build Check with flying colours as at Rockdoor we are constantly investing time and money in the best technology and processes to continually improve our doors.

To find out more about how Rockdoors are manufactured watch our ‘How it’s Made’ video on our YouTube channel or download our brochure to browse the latest styles of the most secure A++ composite doors available.

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