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The Detectives: Murder on the Streets

Posted by Lea · October 5th 2017

We consider our Rockdoors to be the strongest and most secure on the market

With Carbon Fibre reinforcement, 3 star rated cylinders and Nickel Coated solid brass locks running the full length of the door, your door cannot be forced open. After all, the only way through a Rockdoor is with a key!

Of course we think our doors are the best! We put our everything into making the best doors possible, therefore when someone else acknowledges the quality of our doors, it makes us feel fantastic!

On episode one of BBC2’s brand new documentary ‘The Detectives: Murder on the Streets’, they gave us an excellent endorsement. The team were attempting to detain a suspect who was armed with petrol bombs. Upon realising the property was protected by a Rockdoor they became concerned. The Rockdoor meant they wouldn’t be able to break through the door in time.

This isn’t the first time the police have had problems breaching a property with a Rockdoor. Back in 2004, Rockdoor made headlines as being ‘The Door that Beat the Bobbies’. The police were trying to raid a house in Lancashire when they came across a Rockdoor. After numerous failed attempts they had to try and gain access another way.

This goes to show quite how strong our doors are! If the police can’t breach our doors, not much else can. Obviously, our aim isn’t to stop the emergency services doing their jobs, so shortly after we held an onsite training day. This enabled fire-fighters to learn about the specialist tools and force required to gain access.

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