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Posted by Lea · July 9th 2014

Rockdoor has introduced two new and exciting door styles to the Ultimate Series called the Illinois & Vermont.

These unique and exclusive new composite door styles ensure Rockdoor has a style for every homeowner. Rockdoor Vermont. The Vermont has been carefully designed to cater for homeowners wanting to let light into their hallway, but also want the feeling of security that a narrower piece of glass provides. It suits properties new and old, contemporary and traditional. Four glass designs are available in the Rockdoor Vermont – Haze, Grey Shades, Trio and Quadra.

Rockdoor Illinois The Illinois combines all the best features of the popular Jacobean and the Portland door styles and is sure to be a firm favourite across the country. The Illinois features two large glass apertures to let light in, but also provides the feeling of security through the use of a mullion. Four glass designs are available in the Rockdoor Illinois – Inspire, Empire, Pinnacle and Trinity.

The new additions to the Ultimate Series ensure the collection is the most unique range of composite doors available and the most thermally efficient too. Speaking about the new styles, Mark Simm from Rockdoor commented. When we first launched the Ultimate, Elite and Select series a few years ago, it was always our firm intention to strengthen the Ultimate Series by adding even more new and exclusive designs to the collections – designs that simply can’t be found anywhere else.

We chose the theme ‘Simply Original’ because we genuinely feel that what we offer our customers can’t be matched by any other composite door supplier. Already the early indications tell us that the Vermont and Illinois will soon become popular additions to the range. Download our Rockdoor Composite Door Brochure today.

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