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What Made Us Choose Aluminium?

Posted by Lea · October 1st 2020

Why use aluminium in composite doors?

Established in 1997, Rockdoor was known as the original composite door. All these years later we still firmly believe we make the UK’s strongest composite door.

When designing Rockdoors we did so with security as a priority, but we also wanted a product that would be impervious to water too.

These two important factors led us to choose Aluminium to reinforce our doors, not only because of the unbelievable strength presented by this material, but also, because it’s completely unaffected by water or moisture.

Other composite doors either use timber to reinforce their doors around the perimeter of the sash, or choose timber as the main inner core of the door itself. Neither of these options was chosen by us when designing our door as they didn’t offer the strength we needed, whilst also being susceptible to water ingress.

Aluminium Reinforced Doors

Rockdoors feature a 10mm Aluminium box section reinforcing that runs the full perimeter of the door itself, providing total perimeter security. Aluminon reinforcing is now mitred into each corner for total strength ensuring the door cannot bow, bend or deflect.

Whilst Aluminium ensures the doors don’t move, it also ensures the components used within the door itself such as hinges and lock straps are more secure, as Aluminium provides far better screw retention over timber if the door comes under attack from intruders.

So, if you are looking for a strong and secure composite door, that is unaffected by moisture, then look no further than Rockdoor.

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