Now Even Stronger

Now Even Stronger

Rockdoors new Aluminium frame hasn’t just eliminated bowing, it’s made our door even stronger. 

During deflection testing by our engineers prior to relaunch, the results proved Rockdoors inner frame was now 15% stronger by using a specialised 10mm Aluminium box section that runs around the full length of the doors inner frame for extra strength. 

Many will remember when Rockdoors used Aluminium reinforcement. Whilst we’ve returned to this as the material of choice to strengthen the inner frame, we’ve also increased the grade and wall thickness of Aluminium we have used. The edge of the Aluminium box section for example has increased from 3mm to 10m, at 230% increase in thickness and volume to ensure Rockdoor is future proof.

360° Reinforcing & Stronger Fixing Point

360° Aluminium reinforcing not only ensures the overall strength of the sash is increased dramitically, it also ensures that components parts used within our door construction have stronger more robust fixing points. 

This means hinges and locks are now even more secure from forced attack, as the screws used have better retention rate in Aluminium than they would do in our old method of reinforcing and obviously far better than timber sashes.