Irish Oak

New colours may come and go, but an Irish Oak Rockdoor is something that will remain a firm favourite with UK homeowners for a long time yet. Whether you choose Irish Oak for your front or back door, it's guaranteed to look sensational, whilst protecting your home!

A lighter shade than our Light Oak, Irish Oak is a milder alternative for those looking to keep the aesthetics of traditional timber doors but with the benefits of composite doors. As with all our Rockdoors, Irish Oak features a subtle wood grain keeping the authentic appearance that many homeowners look for in an Oak effect composite door.

Irish Oak Rockdoor

See above for a small selection of the Irish Oak Rockdoors that you could choose from (L-R), Stable Spy View, Indiana and a Jacobean Empire.

What does an Irish Oak door say about you?

Similarly to those that choose a Light Oak door, homeowners that choose an Irish Oak door are traditionalist at heart and often have a reliable and stable home.

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