A Rosewood composite door is THE choice for traditionalists; it’s a classic colour choice that will never date.  A Rosewood Rockdoor is brown in colour with the appearance of a darker vein running through the foil, mimicking real Rosewood.

As with all our colours, our range of Rosewood doors feature a subtle wood grain texture highlighting and complimenting the colour perfectly.

Whether you choose a Rosewood composite door for a front or back door they look fantastic when paired with light coloured brick or stonework.

Rosewood Rockdoor

A timeless choice, a Rosewood Rockdoor will never date. Above is just a couple of our favourites (L-R); Vermont Trio, a close up of a Rosewood Rockdoor and a Classic Clear Glass Rockdoor.

What does a Rosewood door say about you?

As Rosewood is a colour inspired by nature someone with a Rosewood door can be perceived as calm, level headed and reliable.

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