Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue (RAL 5011) is another colour that is becoming increasingly popular for front doors in-particular, with many homeowners throughout the UK choosing it for their new Rockdoor. Often paired with a white frame to really highlight the contrast in colour, Sapphire Blue Rockdoors look fantastic on both newly built and older more traditional properties.

Protected by Heat Shield technology a Sapphire Blue Rockdoor will never fade, bubble or warp, meaning you can enjoy the same vibrant blue in years to come – even if your property is South facing.

Sapphire Blue Rockdoor

Aboves is a small selection of our favourite Sapphire Blue Rockdoors (L-R) Vermont Haze, Newark Jubilee and a stunning Illinois Empire.

What does a Sapphire Blue door say about you?

Blue is seen to be one of the most calming colours, a Blue door will likely portray that the homeowner manages to maintain a laid back and calm attitude in a sometimes stressful and busy life!

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