White front doors are one of our most popular colours at Rockdoor. Featuring a subtle wood grain texture, our range of White composite front doors and white back doors are by far the more practical and attractive alternative to a timber door.

Ideal for both older and new build properties, a white door can transform a whole host of properties with a fresh, clean new look. Why not try our design your door feature opposite to see what style you prefer?

White doors from Rockdoor require little to no maintenance and a white composite front door or back door is the perfect option if you love the way your white timber door looks but don’t love the way it swells and warps!

What’s more, you can choose to have the inside door colour match the front colour or different - it’s entirely up to you. Take a look at our brochure opposite to see all the options available.  

RAL 9010, a White Rockdoor will match existing uPVC windows perfectly!

White Rockdoor

Pictured above are a few of our favourite White Rockdoors (L-R),  A pair of Classic French Doors with clear glass, a stunning Portland Beacon and a Windsor Clear Glass - all stunning in their settings.

What does a White door say about you?

Homeowners with White doors often like clean lines and organisation! A house with a White door is likely to be simple and organised in its decor.


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