Series Options

Rockdoors Select Series composite doors are available in 6 styles to help you choose your perfect door. The series features the Jacobean and Windsor, two of the most popular styles available, together with the Colonial and Carolina which offer more privacy for front door and back doors.

Glass Designs

The Select features subtle yet stylish glass designs called Diamonds which are available in Black, White, Red and Green. Why not mix and match coloured diamonds with different coloured doors for maximum effect,

Clear Lite Glass Designs

Select Series Rockdoors also offers our Clear Lite glass designs which are available in Crystal or Anthracite. They are mounted on Sandstone Backing Glass therefore not requiring an additional backing glass. Crystal provides a translucent effect to the glass, whereas Anthracite gives a more traditional appearance. For illustration purposes, all shots are shown with Anthracite. As the designs are individually crafted, they may contain air inclusions and could appear slightly non-uniform which is considered an authentic attribute of the unique liquid pattern.

iPhone & iPad Composite Door App

Choosing a door that best suits your property can be a big decision, and its one you want to get it right. With this in mind, Rockdoor has developed a free App for iPhones and iPads which allows you to photograph your existing door, then choose from a selection of door styles, colours, and glass designs. You can then view you chosen door over the top of your existing door on screen using AR technology. To download Rockdoors free composite door app please click here.

Door Gallery

For more helping choosing your composite door style, glass design and colour please click here.